The Shortz! Film Festival is an annual international short film festival in Chico, California showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe. The festival accepts and screens short films with running times of 30 minutes or less in any genre.

Created by local filmmakers from Chico, California, Shortz! was started with the desire to bring film makers together in a fun and funky environment, to meet and network with the ultimate goal of producing more films.



It is with a heavy heart and much deliberation that we have decided to put the festival on hiatus until further notice.


And the 2016 Awards Go To.....

Well the Sixth Annual Shortz! Film Festival is 'in the can', and you may be wondering "Who Won?"
Well, in a way, everyone won!
From our Filmmakers to our Audiences, to the amazing El Rey theater and its staff and, of course, to our amazing're all winners in our book. We had such a fantastic time with all of you this year! 
Thank you for supporting the Shortz! Fest and Art in Chico, we could not do this without all of you and your awesome support. .

OK, OK.....Drumroll please..........Here are your 2016 Shortz! Film Festival Award Winners:

Judges Choice
1st Place

I've Just Had A Dream | Javi Navarro | Spain


  • $300 US
  • JungleSoft- Chimpanzee
  • Videomaker - Legal Documents DVD
2nd Place

Adi - At The Confluence | Joor Baruah   | US


3rd Place

Worth The Wait | Joel Berry | US



Diggin' On | Josh Funk | US


  • One of a kind Shortz! Trophy
  • $50 US


Audience Choice

1st Place

Signs | Matt Thayer | US

  • One of a kind Shortz! Trophy
  • JungleSoft - Chimpanzee
  • Ink Tip
  • Videomaker - Documentary Production DVD set

2nd Place

The Don Of Virgil High | Deon Heyman | US

3rd Place

A Date With Death | Bo Campbell | US


Brief Serving Our Community | Stephen & Chelsey Diaz | US



Judges Category Awards
Winners Receive An Official Shortz! Award Certificate (and, of course bragging rights)
Best Drama I've Just Had A Dream | Javi Navarro | Spain
Best Comedy Worth The Wait | Joel Berry | US
Best Sci-Fi In Memory | Robert Kirbyson | US
Best Brief Serving Our Community | Stephen & Chelsey Diaz | US
Best Documentary Nine Days In Nor Cal | Jeff Edwards | US
Best Horror Kitchen |  Steve Duchesne   | France


Zacuto Z-Finder Pro Winner - Paris Dylan | gunther | US


Again a great BIG THANK YOU to all involved in the 2016 Shortz! Film Fest. We are so very honored that so many wonderful and talented people share their talents and love of this art. 

We are looking Forward to the Seventh Annual Shortz! Film Festival. We begin accepting film submissions in March 2017. Submit your films via Film Freeway. SHOW US YOUR SHORTZ!

KIXE joins the Shortz! Film Fest as a Media Partner!

KIXE LogoThe Shortz! Film Festival is VERY PROUD to anounce that KIXEPublic Broadcasting out of Redding has joined us as a Media Partner. KIXE Channels 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3 serve ten North State counties. KIXE and PBS broadcasts over five-hundred hours of arts programming each year, and over sixty hours of Childrens Educational programs each week. They are a nonprofit, member supported station so please remember them during their next member pledge drive. It is worth every dollar you give. 

The PBS Fall Arts Festival, featuring the documentary "Hamilton's America" starts October 21st, and KIXE will be holding a screening event for this program at Chico State in October. Check the KIXE Schedule for times.

We are thrilled and very thankful to be partnering with KIXE. Be sure to watch for the Shortz! Filmfest promo on KIXE Chanel 9.1.

The Official Shortz! 2016 Schedule Of Films

film_reel_tiny.pngThe Shortz! Film Festival is proud to announce our official 2016 schedule of films!
We would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to all of the filmmakers that submitted work this year.

Remember - all times are in Pacific time and are subject to change if needed.


Block 1
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
True copy
Loved and Lost
Nightmare in the Library
Happy Birthday Kevin
Block 2
7:45 PM - 8:30 PM

Coordinators Choice

A block of past festival film winners and audience favorites.
Films to be announce.


Block 1
12:30 PM - 2 PM

In Memory
Adi | At The Confluence
I've just had a dream
My Baba's Kitchen
Second Skin
Serving Our Community
The Training of a Ninja
Notorious Corn


Block 3
5:30 PM -6:30 PM
The Don of Virgil Jr. High
Ghost Encounters of the Celluloid Kind
Runs In The Family
A Singularity
The Rat
Block 2
2:15 PM - 3:45 PM
White Cane
Join Up
Diggin' On
Nine Days in Norcal
Rough Ride


Block 4
6:45 PM - 8:15 PM
Worth The Wait
Dystopia St.
The Unconventional Gourmet
Showgirl Style
Junkie Heaven
A Date with Death


Block 1
12:30 PM -2 PM
The Clue
another day in paradise
YanYuan - Strange connection
Testimony: Remembering Glen Canyon
Silver Dogs
The Ride
Block 2
2:15 PM -3:45 PM

Local Student Work Showcase

50 Things too do on a boring day Greenwald,Clark

Bruce Goes Cholo
Moss Taylor Billingsley Hicks

Crush Restaurant and Lounge
Farrell, Boelman

Extreme Landscaping
Ryan Earl


No ifs, ands, or BUTTS

Smooth N' Classy Deoderant Gillingwater, Ruiz

Something Scary
Group 3

Storm Water PSA
Gillingwater, Ruiz

 Storm Water PSA

Stormwater PSA
Smith, Stein


Unwritten - Full Short Film

The Spare

15 Second Scare
Farrell, Aull

15 second scare
Jack and Daniel

15 second scare
Martin and Shea

The Films Are In!

The 2016 Shortz! Film Festival Films have been selected, the filmmaker notifications have been sent out, and what a great line up we have this year! We will be posting the lineup soon. This year's decisions were incredibly hard, so many amazing films to choose from, but we have a limited amount of time to show them. Congratulations to those whose films were selected. And remember, even if your film did not make the final cut, with your submission, you still receive a weekend pass to the festival. So, we encourage all filmmakers to come to the 2016 Shortz! Film Fest, September 16th through the 18th, at the El Ray Theater in downtown Chico CA.  We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Short! Film Festival Mini Fest

Hey Shortz! Fans, the Shortz! Film Fest is having a Mini Fest on July 2, at the Chico Theater Company. We will be showing some our favorite films from the last five seasons of the  Shortz! fest. Come and see some of the best local, regional and international films that have been submitted to Shortz! Film Fest over the last five years. Come see two hours of our favorite Comedies, Dramas, Animations, Horror films in our catalog. Nothing over 20 minutes long. And it's only five bucks. 

BEAT THE HEAT! The CHICO THEATER COMPANY has just installed brand new air conditioners! So come on down and enjoy some great movies in confort!

WHEN? Saturday, July 2nd, 2016. 7:00 pm doors open at 6:30.

WHERE? Chico Theater Company, 166 Eaton Road Suite F, Chico CA.

HOW MUCH? $5.00 each. Such a deal, that is TWO FULL HOURS of Short Films. You won't get that deal anywhere else. 

WHERE DO I GET TICKETS? Tickets are only available at the door.



Title Screening Season Director Country TRT
A Kings Betrayal 2015 David A Bornstein United States 0:08:27
Bad Neighbor 2011 Abel Mora United States 0:01:58
likewildfire - "Me & You" 2012 Rory Walsh United States 0:03:24
Dream Raiders: Mission Zero 2013 Joshua A. Siegel United States 0:08:44
All I think of is you 2013 Shad Clark United States 0:08:00
Haiku 4: STILL 2014 Lyle Pisio Canada 0:06:25
lucy & the limbs 2014 Edlyn Capulong Canada 0:02:50
Little Boba 2011 Scott Brown United States 0:07:49
Mr.Dentonn 2015 Ivan Villamel Sanchez Spain 0:09:00


Title Screening Season Director Country TRT
Buster Jones: The Movie 2011 Dylan Hobor United States 0:05:26
In the Bag 2015 Cole Northey Canada 0:11:30
Juice Box 2015 Ezra Nelson, Taven Olsson, Peyton Allen United States 0:01:00
Lady in the Kitchen 2012 Bo! Campbell, Gino Oddone United States 0:02:00
Mean Teddies 2014 Tyler Novo Canada 0:02:25
Here With Me 2014 Pete Riski United Kingdom 0:11:29
Rough Neighborhood 2015 Matthew Thayer United States 0:01:58
The Adventure of Ned Hawkins 2015 Stephen&Chelsey Diaz United States 0:07:31
Karma 2015 Vladimir Mitrevski Macedonia 0:17:39

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The Clock is Ticking. Tic-Tock-Tic-Tock

Alarm ClockHey Filmmakers, time is running out. The deadline to submit your short film for the 2016 Shortz! Film Fest is rapidly approaching. You only have until midnight of June 30th. If you want your film in the 2016 Shortz! Film Fest, you had better enter it now.

HOW DO I ENTER? you ask? Well go to the Shortz! Film Fest website, find the Film Freeway link (look on the right side of the screen) and click on it. Follow the instruction there. It is really quite easy.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? It is only $20.00, and that is a really great deal because you get a ticket to the Shortz! Fest just for entering, whether your film is selected or not.

WHAT DO I GET IF MY FILM IS SELECTED? You mean besides all the fame and glory of your film being presented in best little short film festival in the area? You get two tickets to the Shortz! Fest and a ChicoBag swag bag full of cool stuff!! And you get get to come the awesome filmmaker party at Crush, in downtown Chico, where you will meet other awesomely cool filmmakers just like you. And, if you choose, your film will be added to Shortz! Film Fest channel on ROKU. 

So, what are you waiting for??? Get your film in now! Before it's too late!!  DO IT! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

A "Brief" night at Shortz!

Shortz_mini_fest_ad_sml_.pngWe're having so much fun getting ready for the 2016 Shortz! Film Festival coming up in September!  It reminds us of all the fantastic films from around the world that have already screened at our previous festivals.  All worth watching over and why don't we!

Join us Saturday, July 2nd, 2016, at the Chico Theater Company for a Shortz! "Mini" Festival. One night only, 120 minutes packed with the "best of fest" films from the 2011-2015 seasons.  And it's a mere $5 at the door.  The Chico Theater Company, a long time Shortz! friend and sponsor, has just installed a new A/C!  So get out of the heat, come to the cool theater, grab some goodies or drinks at concessions or the bar, and sit back for these great short films.  

Bring your friends!



Time's almost up for 2016 regular submissions!

regular submission time is almost up!Filmmakers, with less than one week left in our regular submission period, your time is running up! Get your films submitted for consideration before June 1st at midnight to enter for the low, low price of only 10 bucks! After that, the submission price will jump to $20 until July 1st.

And with a free weekend pass (a $20 value) to the festival just for submitting your film, you simply can't lose! Submit your film today!


Our new website is now LIVE!

Our new website is now LIVE! Be sure to check out the new Films section, searchable by season, to see every film we've ever screened at Shortz!. Also, pop over to our Roku channel which now has more of our films than ever before!
As always, THANK YOU for all of your continued support!

New Films Arriving Daily!

Shortz! Fest Logo

The Shortz! Film Fest call for entries is in full swing and new films are arriving everyday! We are very excited about the films we have seen so far, but there still room for Your Film. Early entry is only $10.00, and that gets you a ticket to the Shortz! Film Fest in September. You have absolutely nothing to lose! 

How do You submit Your film to the Shortz! Film Festival? I'm glad you asked. You simply visit the Shortz! Film Fest home page. Find and click on the Film Freeway link on the right of the side of the page, and submit your film. It is really that easy. 

Is Your film right for the Shortz! Film Fest? Another great question!!! The Shortz! Fest takes all kinds of short films. Comedies, Dramas, Horror, Animations, Documentaries, you submit it and we'll look at it. So to answer the question, YES!! 

We can't wait to see YOUR film. Show Us Your Shortz!