The Shortz! Film Festival is an annual international short film festival in Chico, California showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe. The festival accepts and screens short films with running times of 30 minutes or less in any genre.

Created by local filmmakers from Chico, California, Shortz! was started with the desire to bring film makers together in a fun and funky environment, to meet and network with the ultimate goal of producing more films.



It is with a heavy heart and much deliberation that we have decided to put the festival on hiatus until further notice.


See you at the festival!


Tired of the smokey days?  Want to sit in the A/C, eat popcorn, and watch movies?

Here's the place to be this weekend!

shortz film fest

Chico News & Review Sponsors the Shortz Film Fest

Chico News & Review LogoThe CN&R is your independent alternative news and entertainment resource for Chico and Northern California.  Each week this FREE new paper is packed with local and national news stories, public opinions, and Classified ads as well as a weekly events calendar,  dining and film reviews, and no one covers the local music scene like the CN&R.  The CN&R can be found in red boxes or racks at most major entertainment venues and shopping malls. It is available at many locations such as bookstores, coffee shops, music stores and convenience stores. If you are still uncertain about where to find the newspaper, You can e-mail your cross streets and zip code to Chico Distribution.
Look for the Shortz! Film Fest ad in this weeks Chico News& Review.

Up On The Marquee!

el rey



Counting down...only 10 more days until the Shortz! Film Fest with some great short films!  Contact us to get your $10 tickets now or pick them up for $12 at our outlet, Diamond W Western Wear.

Check out the films and block times.  Plan to see them all.

You won't want to miss this fun.  We look forward to seeing you all!


August has arrived!

It's almost time! Only 24 more days until the Shortz! Film Festival. But you don't have to wait to buy tickets, they are now on sale at Diamond W Western Wear in Chico.  They will also be available at the El Rey theater on Sat., 25th & Sun., 26th at the door.

For a mere $10 you get to see a great line up of short films from all over Northern California and beyond. Over 25 films in genres like drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, animation, and documentary. Something for everyone. 

Remember we're at our new venue, the beautiful El Rey Theater, a Chico landmark.

You won't want to miss this event, so get your tickets now!

ChicoBag Sponsors the Shortz! Film Fest.

ChicoBagChicoBag is on a mission to reduce and eliminate single-use paper and plastic bags by providing a smart, durable, and tasteful alternative.  ChicoBag offers a wide variety of fashionable, lightweight, environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags and packs that can be easily stuffed into an integrated pouch.

The ChicoBag story: During a visit to the local landfill in 2004, the founder of ChicoBag, Andy Keller, took note of all the single-use plastic bags that seemed to dominate the land fill.  On his way home he began to notice these plastic bags everywhere.  He was horrified and decided that day to stop using plastic bags and that something had to be done about this problem. Then Andy got an idea, bought a second hand sewing machine, and began creating what would become ChicoBag.  Today ChicoBag is the industry leader in reusable bags and totes.

This years featured filmmakers, and one very lucky audience member who attends the Shortz! Film Fest will receive one of these bags as a gift, a “swag bag” so-to-speak. 


Thank you ChicoBag for sponsoring the 2012 Shortz! Film Fest!


Fifth Sun Sponsors The Chico Film Fest

For over 15 years Fifth Sun has been a leading national supplier of graphic apparel.  Fifth Sun supplies many clothing stores that you might recognize such as Hot Topic, and Urban Outfitters, and large chains that you will defiantly recognize such as JC Penney, Kohl's, and Walmart.  If you see clothing with a graphic design on it, it might be from Fifth Sun.  Especially if you see that shirt at the Shortz! Film Fest, because Fifth Sun has graciously provided the tee-shirts for both last years and this years film festivals.You see Fifth Sun may ship to the big boys in the retail world but they also remember the small mom and pop organizations as well.  If you have a need for quality designed graphic apparel, you are encouraged to contact Fifth Sun.
The shirts that Fifth Sun has provided for us are high quality and you will want one when you get to the fest, but you had better buy early because there is a limited supply.
Thank you Fifth Sun for sponsoring the 2012 Shortz! Film Festival!

Digital Print & Design Sponsors the Shortz! Film Fest

Digital Print & DesignWe would like to thank Jessica and Les of Digital Print & Design for their gracious sponsorship.  For 17 years they have been serving Chico businesses and non-profits  like us.  They are a locally owned and operated and can provide everything a business needs to succeed.  Digital Print & Design can create your corporate identity for you, print it on your business cards, sales materials, and packaging, as well as handle your promotional materials such as your catalogs and mailing services.  Digital Print & Design can even print your full color posters and banners like they did for the Shortz! Film Fest! 
And one of our favorite things about Digital Print & Design is that when you enter their shop, you are greeted by two friendly Irish Wolf Hounds.  You have to love a business that is dog friendly!
Thank you Digital Print & Design sponsoring the Shortz! Film Fest.

Meet another terrific sponsor!

Graphic FoxWe are pleased that Graphic Fox is a sponsor of the Shortz! Film Festival.

The Graphic Fox takes great pride in its reputation for serving the north valley community in many ways.  Owner Larry Laney, an active member in Chico Rotary, gives his time and resources to help others in the community through high standards and honest business practices.

For more than 35 years, Graphic Fox, a quality-oriented company, has provided traditional single and full color offset printing. They also offer high-speed digital color and black and white prints. They have 10 employees to assist in designing, preparing, printing and finishing customer projects like business cards, brochures, newsletters, business systems, envelopes, computer forms, catalogs, and so much more.  Other services include direct mail service, "outside" sales representative, free quotes, free pick-up & delivery and free consultation.

When you want your project done right, take it to Graphic Fox.

Thank you Graphic Fox for sponsoring the 2012 Shortz! Film Festival.

Welcome Another Great Sponsor, Feather Falls Casino!

Feather Falls CasinoFeather Falls Casino in Oroville is the premier California casino, the place to play, win and have a good time and now a very generous sponsor of the 2012 Shotz Film Festival.

With over 1100 loose slot machines, gaming tables, and Poker Room that are open seven days a week, Feather Falls in not only a great place for gaming, but the Lodge at Feather Falls with its luxurious amenities and comfortable, well-appointed rooms, it is simply the place to stay in Oroville. Not only will guests experience excellent customer service and great rates, they also have access to The Lodge's fitness center and unique indoor/outdoor swimming pool area. Or how about some gourmet dining at the Feather Falls Casino Brewing Co. This is a great place to enjoy a beer with signature dishes from their chef, hand-tossed pizzas, and fresh sushi and sashimi. And the Feather Falls Casino Show Room is a great place to see some of the best entertainment to visit Northern California.


Thank you Feather Falls Casino for sponsoring the 2012 Shortz Film Fest.