The Fun Sized Film Fest

For over 15 years Fifth Sun has been a leading national supplier of graphic apparel.  Fifth Sun supplies many clothing stores that you might recognize such as Hot Topic, and Urban Outfitters, and large chains that you will defiantly recognize such as JC Penney, Kohl's, and Walmart.  If you see clothing with a graphic design on it, it might be from Fifth Sun.  Especially if you see that shirt at the Shortz! Film Fest, because Fifth Sun has graciously provided the tee-shirts for both last years and this years film festivals.You see Fifth Sun may ship to the big boys in the retail world but they also remember the small mom and pop organizations as well.  If you have a need for quality designed graphic apparel, you are encouraged to contact Fifth Sun.
The shirts that Fifth Sun has provided for us are high quality and you will want one when you get to the fest, but you had better buy early because there is a limited supply.
Thank you Fifth Sun for sponsoring the 2012 Shortz! Film Festival!