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Bo! Campbell
Bo! Campbell
Bo! Campbell, Ray Hom
Bo! Campbell, Matthew Devapiriam Emmanuel
Alexius Franklin, Adrian Nava, Brandon Zee, Lance Gegner
2013 Winner - 3rd Place Audience Choice

Calvin Rhodes pulls up to the local ‘Dirt Cheap Liquor & Grocery.’ On the radio is a news report about increasing crime rates, as well as a recent string of kidnappings. Calvin’s son, Angelo (nicknamed ‘Tig’, short for tiger), calls. Tig wants milk for his cereal, but Calvin doesn’t have the cash to get anything extra. After a hostile exchange with Tig’s mom, Calvin resolves to find a way to get his son some milk. Searching for money, he comes up short. Calvin spots Tig’s toy gun, and gets a bad idea. He colors the orange tip black. He tears holes in his cap, making a mask. A few practice threats in the mirror, and Calvin is halfway to a new life as a criminal. A few steps shy of armed robbery, Calvin hears a lady in distress. Some would-be kidnappers try to force her into a van! Calvin’s conscience takes control, and before he knows it he’s waving a plastic gun at a violent kidnapper. After some choice words, the driver notices Calvin’s gun is fake, and all hell breaks loose! By sheer luck and fast reflexes, Calvin prevails, killing the kidnappers and saving the day. Unfortunately, all the woman sees is a scary guy in a mask, so she tries to shoot Calvin with her taser! Her shot is ironically deflected by the milk that Calvin is graciously returning, and that’s the final straw. Calvin decides to collect payment for his services in the form of the lady’s taser and purse, and “Anti-Hero” Enterprises has its first, satisfied customer. News reports go on to detail more adventures of “Anti-Hero."

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