Ghost Encounters of the Celluloid Kind







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Rob Carpenter
Rob Carpenter

'There's an Alien somewhere among the Ghosts...' is what popped into my head as I saw my image sporadically pop up within the footage.  An experimental 'self portrait', so to speak, from standing on the outside looking in. A collection of home movies from young versions of my family elders with the addition of my younger self (reels from a film I never ended up making in the late 90's). The result is a bizarre but energetic 4 minute compilation where time moves yet stand still. It flies through the digital age backwards through the video decades and lands on the film reels. Imprinted on 8mm that spans over 50 years. In addition, my love for the original 'Wean' music track that Natalie (Tate) created for my 2003 ghost story film ( Anna Lynn). In the end, combining it all was an enjoyable, creative experience for me to find a rhythm within the erratic footage.

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