The Fun Sized Film Fest

OH NO! Some how we have misplaced some of our weekend passes! We think they fell in to our box of Shortz! Film Fest Chico Bags and who ever finds them gets to keep them! 

Buy a Shortz! Film Fest reusable Chico Bag, and you might get to see the Shortz! Fest for FREE! 

So what do you have to do? Come to the Chico Downtown Thursday Night Market starting August 27th - September 17th and visit us at the Shortz Film Fest booth. We will have our Chico Bag reusable totes there for sale.  Buy one, open it up, and see if you find a "Weekend Pass" inside. 

The fifth annual Shortz! Film Fest runs Setember 18th 19th and 20th at the El Rey Theater in Downtown Chico. 

Tickets are on sale at or at our Thursday Night Market booth. Looking forward to seeing you!