The Fun Sized Film Fest

You already know how much we LOVE our short films and our Shortz! ChicoBags,

now let us show you how much we LOVE you, our Film Fest Fans! 

Meet us at the Downtown Thursday Night Market in Chico CA, Sept. 10th and 17th, and get the most amazing deal ever!

The first 50 people who buy one of our sweet, reusable Shortz! ChicoBags will find a single day ticket inside! WHAAAA?! But wait....what about those few lost weekend passes?  They are still there too! That's right buy a bag, get a ticket for FREE!

But don't wait...this deal is only for a 'shortz' amount of time and only at the
Shortz! Film Festival Thurs Night Market Booth!
Join us at the 5th Annual Shortz! Film Festival at the El Rey Theater, Chico, CA