The Fun Sized Film Fest

5th year logo

Hey Shortz! Fans as you know it’s the FIFTH Year Anniversary for the Shortz! Film Festival but what you may not know is that ChicoBag has been with us every year since the beginning.

ChicoBag is known around the globe for high quality, beautiful, reusable bags, pack, and totes in tons of styles and colors.  And every year Shortz! Film Fest has given Filmmaker Swag Bags, made by ChicoBag, to the attending filmmakers.  We stuff'em with tasty goodies and cool stuff and they can be used for years.



This year we are excited and proud to announce the Filmmaker Swag Bags are sporting the fabulous Shortz! Film Fest Logo and WE WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE THEM! 

These handsome Shortz! Film Fest ChicoBags are reusable, environmentally friendly bags. Whether you like reusable bags for grocery shopping or just because they are so handy for tons of other things, you'll want to get a Shortz! Film Fest bag because they are cool and you will be supporting the festival!

These bags are available for purchase now!  We have a limited supply so get yours today. 

Contact us at to order or pick them up at the Thursday Night Market  Aug 27th-Sept.17th or at the festival Sept. 18th-20th at the El Rey Theater.