The Fun Sized Film Fest


Create, print, e-mail, and text professional call sheets for film, television, and video productions. Choose from different templates and customize the look and feel of your call sheet. Koala is intuitive and easy to use both for complex, professional and studio films and simple, student productions. Use as a standalone product or integrate with Gorilla or Chimpanzee. Includes scenes to be shot, contact info for cast and crew, special notes and instructions, parking info, location requirements, call times, meal times, and more. Choose from a dozen templates to print your call sheet and customize headers, entries and more.


PLUS: Use code SHORTZ15 and get 15% off any other Jungle Software products, including Gorilla Budgeting and Scheduling, Chimpanzee Budgeting and Scheduling (great for short films!), StoryO outlining software and the Gorilla Ratebook. (code valid until 9/15/16)