The Shortz! Film Festival is an annual international short film festival in Chico, California which showcases the best and brightest short films from around the globe. The festival accepts and screens short films with running times of 40 minutes or less in any genre.

Created by local filmmakers from Chico, California, Shortz! was started with the desire to bring film makers together in a fun and funky environment, to meet and network with the ultimate goal of producing more films.


Call For Entires!

  • Posted: 3 March 2013

And the fun begins!  Films are arriving, event details are being worked out, and the popcorn is ready to be popped!


from here to timbucktoo! 


Show us those great little films you've worked so hard on. 

Let us show them to the whole community on Aug.10th & 11th at the El Rey Theater.

Just go to the "Submit Your Shorts" tab on the Shortz! Film Fest website.

Submit now 


The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler

  • Posted: 1 January 2013

Hebrew Hammer vs Hitler

Megan Peterson, Co-Director of Heathens and Thieves, is helping long time friend, Jonathan Kesselman, and many fans, to make the sequel to the Jewxploitation Cult Classic ‘The Hebrew Hammer’ a reality.

The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler

     "is a smart yet silly satire that is an equal opportunity offender. Imagine 'History Of The World Part 1' crossed with 'Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,'" as written by Jonathan Kesselman.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the synagogue ...

When Hitler gets his hand on Time Sukkah technology™ and begins rewriting Jewish History, Mordechai Jefferson Carver (The Hebrew Hammer) and Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim set out through time to stop him. Can the Hammer and Mo prevent Hitler from un-inscribing the Jewish people from the book of life?

A funding campaign for The Hebrew Hammer VS Hitler is currently underway at

The original film, The Hebrew Hammer, which launched at Sundance and had a limited theatrical release before being picked up by Comedy Central in a five-year deal, was voted one of the top all-time holiday movies by both Vanity Fair and the Boston Globe.


To learn more or to help out, visit

The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler

 Facebook-The Hebrew Hammer II

and Twitter-HammervsHitler

Heathens and Thieves

  • Posted: 25 November 2012

We went to the El Rey theater to tonight to see the terrific western Heathens & Thieves. Brought to us by Chico native Megan Peterson who co-directed the multi award-winning feature film. Shot in northern California, HEATHENS AND THIEVES is a western noir drama starring Don Swayze and Gwendoline Yeo, who was also at the screening, along with many family and friends.


Check out the trailer and find them on Facebook for more information on how you can see the film.

Thank you Megan and all the cast and crew for such a great film!

The Post Fest Blues

  • Posted: 31 August 2012

Well here we are, the Shortz! Film Fest is over and we all have that post-fest depression. Don't get me wrong, the fest was a HUGE SUCCESS. We nearly doubled the number of people attending over last year, and we had twice the number of film submissions. If we keep growing like this the Shortz! Film Fest is going to be huge very soon. The bummer is that we have to wait a whole year before we get to do it again. But don't let that get you down, because we ARE going to do it again next year.  Now is the time to get excited about your next film projects, get them shot and edited, and enter them in the fest.  We will begin taking film submissions in March, 2013.
Because next years fest is going to be bigger and better than ever. What can you do right now to get ready for the 2013 Shortz! Film Fest?  Well you can head on over to the OPEN FILMMAKER ALLIANCE at and get yourself signed up.  There you can create a filmmakers profile for yourself to let others know what your interests are, and post your film projects and ideas.  You can also view other peoples projects and information, and sign on to film projects that interest you. The important thing is that you get evolved in filmmaking! 
We hope to see you in your SHORTZ!

And the winner is.......

  • Posted: 26 August 2012

With another hugely successful festival behind us we wanted to again thank our Filmmakers, Sponsors, Judges, Audience members and The El Rey theater. We had such a great time and were so honored as coordinators to bring this festival from concept to life, and it makes us proud to announce the following contest winners.

Audience Choice (chosen by ballot during Satudays program)
Briefs (2 minutes or less)
3rd Place - Watershed
2nd Place - Wurms
1st Place - Lady In The Kitchen
Shorts (more than 2 minutes, less than 40)
3rd Place - Submit
2nd Place - GruSum
1st Place - A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal

Judges Choice ( chosen by our judging panel)
3rd Place - Lady In The Kitchen
2nd Place - Remorse
1st Place - Wurms
3rd Place - Azadi Freedom
2nd Place - The Quickie
1st Place - A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal

Thanks again to all of you for making this festival our best yet.

See you at the festival!

  • Posted: 24 August 2012


Tired of the smokey days?  Want to sit in the A/C, eat popcorn, and watch movies?

Here's the place to be this weekend!

shortz film fest

Chico News & Review Sponsors the Shortz Film Fest

  • Posted: 18 August 2012

Chico News & Review LogoThe CN&R is your independent alternative news and entertainment resource for Chico and Northern California.  Each week this FREE new paper is packed with local and national news stories, public opinions, and Classified ads as well as a weekly events calendar,  dining and film reviews, and no one covers the local music scene like the CN&R.  The CN&R can be found in red boxes or racks at most major entertainment venues and shopping malls. It is available at many locations such as bookstores, coffee shops, music stores and convenience stores. If you are still uncertain about where to find the newspaper, You can e-mail your cross streets and zip code to Chico Distribution.
Look for the Shortz! Film Fest ad in this weeks Chico News& Review.

Up On The Marquee!

  • Posted: 14 August 2012

el rey



Counting down...only 10 more days until the Shortz! Film Fest with some great short films!  Contact us to get your $10 tickets now or pick them up for $12 at our outlet, Diamond W Western Wear.

Check out the films and block times.  Plan to see them all.

You won't want to miss this fun.  We look forward to seeing you all!