Short! Film Festival Mini Fest

  • Posted: 25 June 2016

Hey Shortz! Fans, the Shortz! Film Fest is having a Mini Fest on July 2, at the Chico Theater Company. We will be showing some our favorite films from the last five seasons of the  Shortz! fest. Come and see some of the best local, regional and international films that have been submitted to Shortz! Film Fest over the last five years. Come see two hours of our favorite Comedies, Dramas, Animations, Horror films in our catalog. Nothing over 20 minutes long. And it's only five bucks. 

BEAT THE HEAT! The CHICO THEATER COMPANY has just installed brand new air conditioners! So come on down and enjoy some great movies in confort!

WHEN? Saturday, July 2nd, 2016. 7:00 pm doors open at 6:30.

WHERE? Chico Theater Company, 166 Eaton Road Suite F, Chico CA.

HOW MUCH? $5.00 each. Such a deal, that is TWO FULL HOURS of Short Films. You won't get that deal anywhere else. 

WHERE DO I GET TICKETS? Tickets are only available at the door.



Title Screening Season Director Country TRT
A Kings Betrayal 2015 David A Bornstein United States 0:08:27
Bad Neighbor 2011 Abel Mora United States 0:01:58
likewildfire - "Me & You" 2012 Rory Walsh United States 0:03:24
Dream Raiders: Mission Zero 2013 Joshua A. Siegel United States 0:08:44
All I think of is you 2013 Shad Clark United States 0:08:00
Haiku 4: STILL 2014 Lyle Pisio Canada 0:06:25
lucy & the limbs 2014 Edlyn Capulong Canada 0:02:50
Little Boba 2011 Scott Brown United States 0:07:49
Mr.Dentonn 2015 Ivan Villamel Sanchez Spain 0:09:00


Title Screening Season Director Country TRT
Buster Jones: The Movie 2011 Dylan Hobor United States 0:05:26
In the Bag 2015 Cole Northey Canada 0:11:30
Juice Box 2015 Ezra Nelson, Taven Olsson, Peyton Allen United States 0:01:00
Lady in the Kitchen 2012 Bo! Campbell, Gino Oddone United States 0:02:00
Mean Teddies 2014 Tyler Novo Canada 0:02:25
Here With Me 2014 Pete Riski United Kingdom 0:11:29
Rough Neighborhood 2015 Matthew Thayer United States 0:01:58
The Adventure of Ned Hawkins 2015 Stephen&Chelsey Diaz United States 0:07:31
Karma 2015 Vladimir Mitrevski Macedonia 0:17:39

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