Our 2019 Award winning films

  • Posted: 11 September 2019


2019 Award Winning Films

A huge THANK YOU to ALL of our filmmakers.
As corny as it may sound, you're all winners to us.

Judges Choice
1st Place Terminus
2nd Place For Love
3rd Place A Paper House
Brief The Rider
Audience Choice
1st Place A Hell of Heaven
2nd Place Following
3rd Place Visions Of The Lost Sierra
Brief The Rider
Category Awards
Best Drama Terminus
Best Comedy W.C.
Best Action Powerless
Best Thriller A Paper House
Best Documentary The Gardenator Challenge
Zacuto Z-Finder Pro Winner Darrel Jury - Visions Of The Lost Sierra

Why do we ask for a smaller bitrate?

  • Posted: 7 August 2019


Why do you ask for a different bitrate when submitting our films?


The bitrate or streaming rate, is an encoding setting you configure when rendering your film. It controls the speed at which the data in your encoded film can be streamed through the decoder. The larger the streaming rate the more information is available to the decoder. Most HD (720 and 1080) projection equipment won’t present a noticeable difference in picture with the larger stream rates. UHD and 4k systems will, but we (and honestly most short film fests) don’t screen on those. The bottom line is 8MB seems to be the sweet spot and any if set larger, it just produces a significantly larger video file with no perceptible visual difference. This stinks for all of us when we are trying to upload and download a large number of films.

A good rule of thumb – if your film is less than 15 minutes TRT and your final rendered file is larger than 1GB, you probably have the bit rate set too high.

What can you do?...If you render your own copies, choose the lower 8Mb bit rate,in the resolution of your choice, and watch the size of your movie file drop dramatically. If you have a post house or editing service render your copies, just ask for a rendered version in the lower bitrate.

The Official Season 9 Schedule

  • Posted: 30 July 2019

Season 9 is here!

Our lineup of films is official!! Get your butts to Chico to partake in some of the most fun you'll ever have watching short films, with some of the most talented artists that make them.

• times and film order are subject to change without notice •

September 7th Block 1 (1 - 2)
Doors open at 12
  • Unconditional Love
  • Alva
  • The Rider
  • The Assassin's Apprentice
  • The Gardenator Challenge
Block 2 (2:15 - 3:15)
  • Terminus
  • For Love
  • A Family Recipe That Can't Be Followed Written Down
  • A Mission
  • A Day Late
  • Powerless
Block 3 (3:30 - 4:30)
  • Visions Of The Lost Sierra
  • A Hell Of Heaven
  • Following (previously Like Me)
  • Flux

Block 4 (4:45 - 5:45)

  • Blurred
  • Trust Me
  • Mine Forever
  • Soul Bones
September 8th Block 1 (1 - 2)
Doors open at 12
  • An Honest Man
  • The Interpreter
  • The Girl
  • Tank Man
  • A Present For Grandma
  • 101 Knocks
Block 2 (2:15 - 3:15)
  • Almost Charming
  • A Paper house
  • W.C.
  • I Don't
  • With Tchaikovsky
Block 3 (3:30 -4:30)
  • Her World
  • Dear Uncle
  • After
  • I'm Sorry
  • SAVE 2.0
Coordinators Choice (4:45- 5:15)
To Be Announced


Announcing Our 2018 Award Winning Films!

  • Posted: 15 August 2018




Judges Choice
1st Place

Ainhoa | Iván Sáinz-Pardo | Germany


2nd Place

3 Keys| Josh Funk | US


3rd Place

Save | Iván Sáinz-Pardo | Germany



Meta | Jack McCafferty| US





Audience Choice

1st Place

Tin Can | Pat Battistini | US


2nd Place

My Friend The Ghost | Allan Tran, Nguyen "Fletcher" Le | US


3rd Place

Barbara| John Charter | US



Boy Moms Vs. Girl Moms | Jay Diaz | US


Category Award Winners
Best Action

Goldblooded | Tom Botchii Skowronksi | US


Best Drama

Ainhoa | Iván Sáinz-Pardo | Germany


Best Animation

3 Keys| Josh Funk | US


Best Documentary

Barbara | John Charter | US


Best Comedy

My Friend The Ghost| Allan Tran, Nguyen "Fletcher" Le | US


Zacuto Z-Finder Pro Winner - Michael Coogan | Ready Or Not | US


  • Posted: 11 July 2018

The 2018 Shortz! Film Festival!

Aug 11th - 12th 2018
Chico Theater Company, Chico California.

Now in our 8th year, come join us for 2 days of films, filmmaker meet and greets, raffles, food, drinks ... well let's just say lots of fun! Join us in one of Northern California's hottest summer cities, in the glorious A/C of the Chico Theater Company! With over 40 short films from all over the globe and free popcorn, you're sure to have a great time!  Grab your tickets today at CHICOTIX.COM

And the 2017 Festival Awards Go To.....

  • Posted: 17 July 2017

Judges Choice
1st Place

Saving Santa | Keith O'Grady | United Kingdom


2nd Place

Dear George | Emily Skyle | US


3rd Place

Walking Supply | James McDougall | Canada



Lost In Light | Sriram Murali | US



Audience Choice

1st Place

Saving Santa| Keith O'Grady | United Kingdom


2nd Place

Dear George | Emily Skyle | US


3rd Place

There's Something About The Virgin Mary | Kevin McSorley | Ireland



Lost In Light | Sriram Murali | US


Zacuto Z-Finder Pro Winner - Jeff Moore | The Rage | US

2017 Season Programming Complete!

  • Posted: 26 June 2017

popcornThe 2017 Shortz! Film Festival programming is complete!  You can check out the complete block schedules here.
What a great line up of short films we have again this year.  Filmmakers are making travel plans to come to Chico, CA to watch their films with all of us at the Chico Theater Company, July 15th & 16th.
Seating is limited so get your tickets now at Film Freeway.  Don't forget...FREE POPCORN!

See you there!

Let The Programming Begin!

  • Posted: 17 June 2017

Alas, we are at that exciting time once again!  So many terrific films to select from!  The team is hard at work viewing, rating, and selecting the next group of films for the 2017 Shortz! Film Festival, held at Chico Theater Company, Chico Ca.
Thank you to all the filmmakers who have submitted films, and remember you automatically get a weekend pass to the Shortz! Film Festival whether your film screens or not!   We want filmmakers to come together to meet each other, share experiences, helpful tips, and/or collaborate on future projects.  We also want the community to see these great films in a theater environment.  But not just there, once the festival is over, we want the whole world to check out these films on our FREE
Roku Channel.  All films screened at the Shortz! Film Festival are given free distribution on our channel.

So stay tuned, another great season of the Shortz! Film Festival is right around the corner!  July 15th and 16th, 2017 at the Chico Theater Company.  Seating is first come, first served so get your tickets now!  

Films Are Rolling In! Will We See Yours Too?!

  • Posted: 27 April 2017

movie stuffHey Filmmakers! The Shortz! Film Fest call for entries is in full swing and new films are arriving everyday! We are very excited about the films we have seen so far, but there still room for Your Film. Early entry is only $10.00, and that gets you a ticket to the Shortz! Film Fest in July. You have absolutely nothing to lose! 

How do You submit Your film to the Shortz! Film Festival? I'm glad you asked. You simply visit the Shortz! Film Fest home page. Find and click on the Film Freeway link on the right of the side of the page, and submit your film. It is really that easy. 

Is Your film right for the Shortz! Film Fest? Another great question!!! The Shortz! Fest takes all kinds of short films. Comedies, Dramas, Horror, Animations, Documentaries, you submit it and we'll look at it. So to answer the question, YES!! 

We can't wait to see YOUR film. Show Us Your Shortz!

And the 2016 Awards Go To.....

  • Posted: 20 September 2016

Well the Sixth Annual Shortz! Film Festival is 'in the can', and you may be wondering "Who Won?"
Well, in a way, everyone won!
From our Filmmakers to our Audiences, to the amazing El Rey theater and its staff and, of course, to our amazing're all winners in our book. We had such a fantastic time with all of you this year! 
Thank you for supporting the Shortz! Fest and Art in Chico, we could not do this without all of you and your awesome support. .

OK, OK.....Drumroll please..........Here are your 2016 Shortz! Film Festival Award Winners:

Judges Choice
1st Place

I've Just Had A Dream | Javi Navarro | Spain


  • $300 US
  • JungleSoft- Chimpanzee
  • Videomaker - Legal Documents DVD
2nd Place

Adi - At The Confluence | Joor Baruah   | US


3rd Place

Worth The Wait | Joel Berry | US



Diggin' On | Josh Funk | US


  • One of a kind Shortz! Trophy
  • $50 US


Audience Choice

1st Place

Signs | Matt Thayer | US

  • One of a kind Shortz! Trophy
  • JungleSoft - Chimpanzee
  • Ink Tip
  • Videomaker - Documentary Production DVD set

2nd Place

The Don Of Virgil High | Deon Heyman | US

3rd Place

A Date With Death | Bo Campbell | US


Brief Serving Our Community | Stephen & Chelsey Diaz | US



Judges Category Awards
Winners Receive An Official Shortz! Award Certificate (and, of course bragging rights)
Best Drama I've Just Had A Dream | Javi Navarro | Spain
Best Comedy Worth The Wait | Joel Berry | US
Best Sci-Fi In Memory | Robert Kirbyson | US
Best Brief Serving Our Community | Stephen & Chelsey Diaz | US
Best Documentary Nine Days In Nor Cal | Jeff Edwards | US
Best Horror Kitchen |  Steve Duchesne   | France


Zacuto Z-Finder Pro Winner - Paris Dylan | gunther | US


Again a great BIG THANK YOU to all involved in the 2016 Shortz! Film Fest. We are so very honored that so many wonderful and talented people share their talents and love of this art. 

We are looking Forward to the Seventh Annual Shortz! Film Festival. We begin accepting film submissions in March 2017. Submit your films via Film Freeway. SHOW US YOUR SHORTZ!